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Being rooted in the past doesn’t mean we ignore the latest and greatest technologies; we are also well versed in the newest advances in the building profession. We meld the old and the new together to create efficient, sustainable homes and timber frame barns with warmth and character uniquely their own.

Our services range from architectural design and drafting to consultation, restoration and construction management. If you are looking for a simple garden shed, a new custom home or anything in between - no matter how large or small the project, our designers and craftsmen can help bring your dreams to life. Give us a call to discuss the possibilities.

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Timber Construction

Craft, Tradition, Pride

Timbers hand-crafted with antique tools evoke the past and excite the spirit. Time honored techniques and stout joinery ensure strength and enduring quality as well as shelter, security and comfort in the feeling that this is home.

Chatham Housewrights is a design / build company specializing in the ages old art of timber construction. We pay tribute to the master builders who preceded us by preserving their architectural heritage and continuing along the path they forged. Using historic methods and tools, we build heavy timber structures that are both rugged and beautiful, much like that beloved family Lab or an old Ford pick-up (sorry Chevy and Dodge fans). As experienced timber frame designers, we strive to produce the best buildings possible and to make sure our clients enjoy this exciting, creative process as much as we do. We work closely with each client to ensure their project matches their vision and exceeds their expectations.