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A lot of emphasis is placed on 'green building' and sustainable construction lately. Timber construction was and continues to be an efficient, smart way to build.

Wood is a natural, recyclable and renewable resource. The typical timber frame uses less lumber per volume then a stick-framed structure of comparable size. The timbers are sourced from local sawmills or salvaged from existing buildings, minimizing their embodied energy and in turn reducing the home's environmental impact. Locally sourced materials require less energy and produce fewer emissions than the production and transportation of standard building materials. Timber frames are also more durable than conventionally built buildings. They tend to withstand the test of time instead adding to the burden in our landfills.
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Timber Frame Barns & Homes

As experienced timber frame designers, we use some of the latest insulation and enclosure technologies. Structural insulated panels and spray foam create tight, high R-value envelopes that minimize air infiltration and heat loss. This energy efficiency makes the use of alternative energy sources, like ground-source geothermal and passive solar, a viable option for the home’s heating and cooling systems. The use of natural structural elements and low or zero VOC finish materials also help to reduce off-gassing and improve interior air quality in your home or timber frame barn.

This is a multi-facetted subject, too complex to justify in a few sentences - give us a call to learn more about these new (and old) earth friendly building methods and products.